Now you're a councillor

Now you're a councillor

A site for women councillors in Victorian local government

“Before I could leave, I thought it was really important to find someone to take my place.”

Nothing is forever and regardless of how you feel, how hard you’ve worked to get elected and how much you are enjoying your role as a councillor, there will come a time when you are ready to try something else.

How can you make sure there are other women ready to take up the role?  What happens when you decide that you don’t want to stand again?  Or if you are not re-elected?  How do you continue to make a contribution to your community?

Some great spin offs

"I was really quite overwhelmed that an idea for an event I'd thought of, came to fruition. It was really empowering. "

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Growing confidence

"I thought women should have an equal say in local government. I come from a migrant and ethnic background and I thought we needed a voice too..."

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So much to learn

'I'd encourage other women to run for council and to learn from my experience. You need to start really early. Women should be thinking about it now if they intend to run in 2016.'

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Antonella Celi

Encouraging others

Words of encouragement “Standing for local government was a fantastic way of connecting and getting to know the community… from virtually having no experience and knowledge to finally earning a place around the council table…”

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Liz Johnstone

Exiting with grace

"Looking back I remember approaching my decision about retiring from council the same way I approached standing for elections – working hard to plan and prepare. I asked myself , ‘How do I know when to go?’ A difficult question to answer…”

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Increasing your sphere of influence diagram

Increasing your sphere of influence

“Council deepens your networks. Initiatives I am involved in now are far more visible in a sense because of the connections made through council…”

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