Now you're a councillor

Now you're a councillor

A site for women councillors in Victorian local government

Being an elected councillor is about communicating.  Get ready to polish your communication skills through meetings, the media – traditional and online, presentations, speeches – and by talking to your constituents.

Meetings and virtual meetings…

Becoming a councillor means going to meetings.  Always be clear about your role and what is expected of you.  As a councillor, you need to know how to create and participate in different kinds of meetings from full on council meetings to informal community meetings.  You can think of  social and traditional media as meetings of a sort, because they are tools for communicating with the community.

For many new councillors, formal meeting procedures present an immediate challenge.  To be effective in council meetings, you will need to know these requirements inside out.  No matter what “hat” you are wearing at a meeting, the bottom line is be prepared.

Di Moore

Learn the ropes

Many of the meetings you’ll be attending will be council meetings which are run using formal meeting procedure. The most important things in any debate are to participate, be issue centred, be well informed, be yourself and you will be doing well...

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The scoop - working with the media - image of newspaper an coffee cup

The scoop – working with the media

What are your council policies on talking to the media? ...When talking to the media make sure you are the right person to speak on the topic … Before making any public comment, do your homework.....

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Jane Cafarella

A journalist’s view

My own lessons in local government took years to learn, but chief among them was that the relationship between the media and local government is not as adversaries, but partners. The keys to productive relationships between local government and the media today are still – education, communication and understanding.....

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Alana Schetzer

Get to know your local journalists

Journalists aren’t always chasing negative stories , they’ll also promote community events and achievements as part of a balanced newspaper. Ultimately, what we both share is our desire to serve our communities; they who hold the power as readers and voters.....

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Ruth Mcgowan

Learning social media

Social media connects councillors and constituents on a personal and interactive level. It allows you to drive the conversation, without the say-so of traditional media. You can bypass the local newspaper and connect directly with those you’re elected to serve.....

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