Now you're a councillor

Now you're a councillor

A site for women councillors in Victorian local government

Council strategy and finances require a lot of learning on the job.  And often is it land use planning issues which raise the most emotion in the community and are the most complex.

Acting in accordance with the rules of good governance may not provide all the answers, but will contribute to community respect for your role over time.  It is an effective way to explain your point of view.  Remember, keep asking questions until you understand…

Council planning - image of community


Your council CEO and officers can give you useful advice, which you should consider as well as undertaking your own research. Start by getting a copy of your Council Plan, Municipal Public Health Plan (MPHP) and Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) . Read and understand them. Ask for a briefing…..

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West Corridor Plan - understanding landuse planning

Understanding land use planning

Councillors need to balance differing views in terms of net community benefit and sustainable development. These decisions need to be guided by state and local land use planning policies and provisions which set out the long term strategic directions for the municipality....

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Cr Rose Hodge

Learning about land use planning

The most important thing for new councillors to understand is that there is no such thing as a stupid question. .. this advice is particularly true when it comes to land use planning …

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Gilda DiVincenzo

A planner’s perspective

What makes me passionate about local government planning is it’s the most direct impact you can have as a planner. It’s close to decision makers, and you can have a more direct influence through your working relationship with them. Also results can be quite quick.....

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People looking at a map

Planning in action

When Councillor Ann Potter received an invitation to attend the opening of a large new children’s playground constructed by a property developer in a new subdivision, then got a call inviting her to see the playground being constructed - all was not as it seemed ...

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Fay Hull

Getting your head around the budget

Demystifying the budget requires you to draw on your own experiences with budgeting and be prepared to learn more. Getting a handle on council finances is not difficult. There are some similarities to your household budget, but the scale is much larger....

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Noelene Duff

Finances and the budget

Some early reading will give you a head start – browse through the front section (the descriptive section before the numbers) of the last annual report and budget documents for an overview of your council and how it supports your community....

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