Now you're a councillor

Now you're a councillor

A site for women councillors in Victorian local government

“Learning the political aspects of the role was critical. It is important to claim the agenda and know what your own agenda is. Whilst leadership is important, advocacy is also a very important role – it’s vital to bring people along with you in making decisions.”

All councils are not created equal; each has its own culture and ways of doing business.  If you think your council has a less than ideal political or organisational culture, stick to your values and be clear about your goals.  Work on developing a trusted network and carefully plan your strategies to bring about positive change.

Womens Power Handbook

Rules about power

Woman-power is about finding a balance - being centred, understanding power and not being afraid of it and getting beyond wanting approval, according to Joan Kirner and Moira Rayner who wrote the Women’s Power Handbook.....

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Image of Cr Sandra Wilson

Ordinary people like me

Cr Sandra Wilson was elected to Hobsons Bay City Council in October 2012 after a time of pondering about the possibility of becoming a candidate....

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Colleen Furlanetto

Developing leadership

What you can do as a councillor if you have the passion, ability to work with your community and council, and preparedness to develop your leadership capacities....

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Ellen White

Working in the male domain

Changing the way you do things…"I am not shy about standing up for what I believe is right and in the early days I found myself confronting voting blocs on every question..."

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Samantha Dunn

Be alert not alarmed

“If you come across behaviour that’s inappropriate, you need to call it from the start. But not in ways which burn your bridges….”

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Coral Ross

As the only woman

Be subtle or beat the drum? Every woman facing the issue of being outnumbered has to find the way that works for her in each circumstance...

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What if you are locked out - image of a maze and lightbulb

How to get back on the agenda

“What if you promised safer school crossings, increased child care, a lick of paint for the scout hall? What if all these reasonable and honourable issues never make it to the agenda? What are you going to do?...”

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Crossing the line image of scales in balance

Crossing the line

When it comes to local government, by “crossing the line” we mean bullying, harassment, discrimination or intimidatory behaviour which targets you as a woman ..…”

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